Workshop dates: Craft your own wooden surfboard

If you want to take a journey from seed to sea and build your own stunning eco-friendly wooden surfboard in 2021, you can book online via the shop page or by emailing Patrick on

If booking online, you can use the calendar visible below the surfboard shape that you choose in the shop to book your dates. Simply click on the dates that suit you and follow the steps. You will receive a confirmation email and Patrick will be in touch with you by email to finalise details.

If dates on the calendar are not clickable, it means those dates are not available.

If you would prefer to book by email, please contact Patrick on

Making your own wooden surfboard and then surfing your creation is one of the great joys of a surfing life. You’ll be making something that is so much more than a surfboard – it’s a moment in life, an expression of creativity, a love for surfing, and a functional work of art all at once. So sign up to make something remarkable.

You don’t need DIY or woodworking experience to join one of my wooden surfboard workshops. I’ve been running workshops since 2013 and hundreds of people have made beautiful wooden surfboards with me through a process that everyone can follow.  

Making a wooden surfboard is an opportunity to reconnect with your hands and make a long-lasting, functional work of art. The process engages surfing’s history, alternative and more sustainable surfboard construction methods, and learning about surfboard design.

It’s a soul-level experience! Just have a look at the gallery below for proof.

All workshops take place in the beautiful natural environment of Cape Point. My workshop borders on the Cape Point Nature Reserve, close to Scarborough and any number of world class beaches and surfing spots.

GIFT CARDS Give the gift of crafting a beautiful wooden surfboard to your loved one or friend. I supply beautiful wooden gift cards that make a unique and special gift. Gift cards are redeemable at any date in the future. They don’t expire so the lucky person can choose dates next week, next month, or next year.

BOOKINGS IN THE TIME OF COVID-19 Due to the pandemic I am leaving it up to people who want to attend a workshop to choose their own dates online or by emailing me, rather than listing pre-set workshop dates for the whole of 2021. If you do make a booking and have paid the deposit or in full, and changes in lockdown level regulations make it impossible to attend, then your booking can be transferred to future dates.

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