Wood on water: Wooden surfboards being surfed

Wood boards are great to surf. Here’s the first four of 20 selected pictures and the stories behind them, the rest to come in subsequent posts…

This shot of Mathew Kramer taken by Lee-Anne Curtis Cox on a wooden surfboard he made with me is a favourite. His relaxed style, the colours, sailboat and surfer in the impact zone make it a gem.

A sublime day at the local. Nobody even knew Daniel Grebe had an eye in the sky and snapped this striking picture. I love the kelp heads. The twin fin wood mini-sims was flying that day.

Glassy Atlantic sessions with the sun setting are so peaceful that you wish it would never get dark. This was such a glorious evening on a twin keel wooden fish.

If you don’t go you won’t know. The guy in the middle is on an 11′ hollow wooden gun and this picture is taken from about a kilometre away. It was quite a drop!

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