Make it with your hands video

“If you make it with your hands, then you’ll come to understand,” sings Jeremy Loops in his hit song Mortal Man.

Now if ever there was a line perfectly matched to making your own wooden surfboard, then this would be it, and so it was a great pleasure to host Jeremy Loops in the workshop.

It was just after the first hard lockdown. We were all just processing how our lives had been turned on a coin in a short space of time, and trying to get back to old routines.

And then there was this evening when talented SA singer Jeremy Loops sang in my humble wooden workshop shed.

It was the most stunning Cape evening: calm and still. There’s a time of day when the land goes golden with the final rays of the setting sun. Everything is rich in colour, evocative, beautiful.

Jeremy began singing with this colour. It touched the soul. Listen up, and watch and you’ll see Jeremy trying his hand at shaping some wooden surfboard rails.

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