A crafty gift: The surfboard workshop gift card

The surfboard workshop gift card is a great way to gift your loved one or surfing buddy a very special surfing experience where they build their own beautiful wooden surfboard.

Burnett Wood Surfboards has been running workshops since 2013. The workshop is about the magic of seeing a pile of planks transform into a one-of-a-kind work of art that can be surfed – and knowing that it was your hands and hard work that created it.

View the workshops page for more information and pictures.

To order you can either contact Pat on burnett.patrick@gmail.com or proceed straight to the shop and purchase your surfboard workshop gift card online. If you’re not sure what surfboard shape to buy the gift card for, please email Pat and he’ll help you out.

Once you have placed your order and payment has been made, the gift card will be couriered to the address that you have provided so that you can give it to the recipient in lieu of the workshop dates they choose. It is up to the recipient to get in touch with Pat at Burnett Wood Surfboards to book their dates and to finalise their choice of wood and shape.

The courier fee is included in the price for delivery to South African addresses. Gift cards do not expire and the recipient can redeem the card at any stage. If the time lapse is so long that there has been a price change, then the balance between the old and the new price will be charged.

It’s not essential that the person getting the gift card has DIY or woodworking experience, and Pat is on hand to assist whenever it is necessary. Both ladies and gents are welcome.  


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