New…One day wooden surfboard workshop

Now you can shape a beautiful wooden surfboard in just one day. In addition to my long-running five-day workshop, the day long version focuses on the shaping and finishing side of the wooden board-building experience.


  1. Book your date at least two weeks in advance by emailing or booking online;
  2. Choose your shape and wood style from pictures before arriving;
  3. Arrive on your selected day, shape and fine-tune your surfboard;
  4. Pick up five days later after the fins have been fitted, or have it shipped if you’re leaving town.

Going straight to the shaping will see you transforming the rough wooden blank into a finished surfboard that’s all the more special because you know you had a hand in making it.

Before shaping day, you’ll be able to choose your wood and approve a final design so that a wooden blank can be prepared for you.

By days end, you’ll have finished the woodwork of your surfboard. As a final treat you’ll apply a resin coat to the freshly-sanded wood and see the grain of the wood bounce out at you.

It means you skip the first three days of the five-day workshop that Burnett Wood Surfboards has run since 2013, where you build a surfboard from a pile of planks. If you’d rather do the five-day workshop, click here.

This is a full day of work. If you’d prefer an easier ride, ask about doing it in two: if we’re not too busy it might be possible.

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