New board orders: wooden surfboards

Coming out of winter and into spring, I’ve been hard at work on custom wooden surfboards for orders in Europe and North America. During Covid I have spent a lot of time, energy and money updating shapes, work processes and equipment. The benefits are bearing fruit.

I’d had this Kiaat slab for years, but had been saving it for something special. The internal frame is made out of upcycled materials. The 5′.5″ shape is based on a fish from 10 years ago that went very well in small slop but could also handle a proper wave, making it a win for my quiver.

A progressive thruster shape designed for smaller waves, but quite capable of handling step-up waves in the 4-6 foot range too.

It’s a hollow wooden surfboard with a precision cut internal frame. The special piece of Japanese Cedar through the centre of the board that gives it a lot of character.

This hollow wooden surfboard was a joy to make. I couldn’t stop imagining how good it was going to look, and how much fun it would be in summer conditions. Even though I didn’t get to surf this one, I’ve made and surfed a few of these shapes and know what a blast they can be.

A big 9′.8″ hollow wooden longboard that captured a little piece of my heart. It was made from a single slab of Japanese Cedar that provided enough wood for the entire surfboard. It gives the board a special sense of oneness that is quite unique.

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